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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the immaculate and unique ecosystems located
in the state of Maharashtra.
The tentative position of the forest is 40 km northwards from Chandrapur city. 

The reserve contains some of the best forest tracks and is endowed with rich bio diversity.

The forest is enriched with diverse flora and fauna;

The main attraction of the TATR is its jungle safari. A six seater open gypsy takes visitors around the park.

One should keep a look out for the activities in the park which include moment of more than

300 species of birds, animals, insects and other life


The forest is famous for the sightings of animals like

tiger, leopard, sloth bear, Sambar, wild


, wild boar

and crocodile.

It’s a great experience to visit this place and experience the forest environment for anyone.

Also nature enthusiasts who are interested in

capturing the moments of wildlife 

into their cameras this is the right place to be.



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